Lose weight with hypnosis now!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words in this case its worth nearly 100 lbs! With our custom weight loss CD program and HHP you too can change your life!

You too can lose weight with hypnosis !

Are you tired of being tired? Use hypnosis to lose weight!

Losing weight is a mind game. Change your mind change your body!

I have lost 40lbs, without HHP I could not have gotten this far! Now I am far more active, eat what’s right for me. It just feels right after the house party so I have never felt alone. The new clothes I bought today have color. No more black everything! Love you guys!

-T Johnson

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The Hypnotic House party is a monthly weight loss seminar designed to help you break through the mental barriers to effective weight management using time tested tools and techniques. Powerful hypnotic commands are utilized to help you change ingrained habits, boost your confidence, and create powerful motivation for success!

When combined with our CD program you get maximum reinforcement and can turbo boost your weight loss success!

Hypnosis CDs are a great tool to assist you in losing weight! You can listen to them as often as needed in the privacy of your own home.

With The Mastery CollectionWeight Loss Mastery, Advanced Weight Loss,
and Power Weight Loss, you can lose weight quickly and effectively.

As a part of the Hypnotic House Party, we are offering The Perfect
for FREE when you purchase The Mastery Collection.

The Perfect You (a $30 value) guides you to a better future, helps you break
bad habits, and create a brighter tomorrow!

Now is the time to create The Perfect You. Give yourself the tools you need to
create massive change in your life! Own The Mastery Collection and The
Perfect You
for the low price of $75.00!

The Hypnotic House Party Power Of The Mind CD series! Use our CD program to effectivly lose weight now!

I am amazed at how useful your CD’s are…I’m quite used to using guided imagery tapes and have tried other hypnosis techniques…but seriously, Justin’s tapes have made a bigger difference than anything else I’ve tried. And it’s been quite a few years’ worth of efforts!

-N Van Dalen


Why wait? Lose the weight NOW!

Come join us at the Hypnotic House Party and create the perfect you!

Justin’s program has been amazing! I have lost nearly 50 LBS!


I came to the Hypnotic House party and finally lost that last 10 lbs! Thanks Justin!!


Justin’s common sense approach to helping people lose weght was just what I needed. 


The Hypnosis sessions have been just what I needed to get on track!


Create the Perfect You! Get your Ticket now for our next weight loss seminar!

Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about unbecoming everything that isn’t really you so that you can be who you were meant to be in the first place. -C Wakefield

Justin James, CEO of the Hypnosis company and one of todays top hypnotists!The Hypnotic House Party (HHP) was created by Justin James Dch.c BCCHT to be an affordable approach to getting high quality hypnosis sessions at a fraction of the cost. For over 25 years Justin has worked with thousands of individuals to help them make massive changes in their lives.  As the author of the Power Of The Mind TM  CD programs he has seen thousands more lose weight, stop smoking, and become the perfect you.

You too can change your life with hypnosis!Cindy has become the posterchild for what hypnosis can help you accomplish when it comes to losing weight. Frazzled and frustrated she had lost weight before only to get it and much more back, time and time again. Purchasing the Power Of The Mind TM. CD series she began using the program in the evening. It was not long before all her friends started commenting as her life began a quiet but dramatic change as she regained her self confidence and esteem while seeing everything change in the mirror. Her friends wanted in on the secret so she approached Justin James about doing a group session. Today she is an advocate for healthy weight management and hypnosis. She understands now that no matter what the program, the right mindset is key to long term success.

Change your Mind Change your body!

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